Even though Im submitting this after I've completed my project of creating a new library space, seeing the past winners and their work is amazing. Although many schools that compete in this competition are mainly concentrated on art and specifically architecture it's still amazing to see what kids my age can construct and think of. I couldnt select one student I thought was the best because to me most of them, even the runner-ups and ones that didn't win were really cool. All the different shapes, design, and use of space that students created are wonderful and bright. I definitely wish I looked at this before I started so I could maybe steal a couple of ideas from them but I'm proud of what I created and what my library turned out to be. I bet the winners this year will be even cooler than the past years. Im not expecting to win or anything but I had a great time doing this project and  

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    This is an architecture blog I created for my Intro to Architecture course I take at Burlington High School. Here you will find various links and websites that I review, critiquing the many ideas and designs other artists have created. You will also find work that I have created and photographed myself. 


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