This is a design of a cardboard rocking chair created by Piquattropunto. What makes this rocking chair unique, other than that it is made of cardboard, is that it is made 100% of recycled materials. The surface of the rocking chair is covered with two felt mats to add cushion and make it more comfortable to sit on. The felt cushions are attached to the chair with rope instead of screws or glue. It is also extremely light weighing in at only about 150 kgs. This makes it more mobile than the traditional rocking chair that can weigh hundreds of pounds. Not only does this save material and weigh less but it also will cost less if you choose to invest in this revolutionary rocking chair. This will cost you hundreds of dollars less than a regular wooden rocking chair.

Charley and Ray where a very innovative duo. During Charley's childhood he worked in a steel factory, where he gained all his knowledge about engineering, physics, design, and craftsmanship. From there he began to design and create innovative designs with his wife Ray many years later. During the 1940's during WWII they were commissioned by the navy to produce molded plywood splints, stretchers and experimental glider shells. In 1946, Evans Products began producing the Eameses’ molded plywood furniture. Their molded plywood chair was called “the chair of the century” by the influential architectural critic Esther McCoy. In 1949, Charles and Ray designed and built their own home in Pacific Palisades in California. Their design and revolutionary innovative use of materials made this house a mecca for architects and designers from all over the world. To this day, it is considered one of the most important post-war residences built anywhere in the world. As of now production of their company was taken over by Herman Miller, Inc, which still continues to produce furniture for the United States today.

Everything design. Anything you use that is man-made had to be though of, sketched out, and designed so that whatever function it provides can be accomplished while looking a certain way. Design is either a verb or a noun. To design something is to create it, plan it, or sketch it. As a noun a design is the function of the object. When thinking of an idea, to make the best possible creation you must design it. Focus on its appearance, purpose, and function. These three goals must be balanced to create the best object y
SketchChair is a company that lets users create chairs made out of cardboard. SketchChair takes plywood cardboard and cuts them out to the specific design the user created. To insure that the user has created a stable and usable design SketchChair allows the user to simulate the design they created and preview their work. The pieces of cardboard are cut out and fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and fit together for the best stability and durability. I enjoyed using this site and definitely recommend this to anyone.  

This project's objectives were to create a room design for a specific musician or band that is customized to their needs. I decided to use The Red Hot Chili Peppers as my musician for my room. They are a band from California who play alternative rock and funk rock. They use guitars, a bass, drums, vocals, and backup vocals. Some of their songs include trumpets, violins, and a chorus. According to the TED talk the room's orientation, size, and space can affect how the sound travels and reverberates. To help The Red Hot Chili Peppers sound the best they can, I will build a room that is relatively small so that the sounds do not echo and bounce around. The majority of their songs have fast quick beats and sounds that would bounce around a large room and sound very poor. A small room will contain the noise and the walls will absorb the sounds causing less echoing, making a live concert sound the best possible.  

For the "Room for Musician" project we chose a musician and created a room for it. I chose to create a concert hall that is best for the specific type of music. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a alternative rock band. Their music would sound the best in a relatively small venue where there is less room for sound to echo and reverberate around the room. We also watched David Byrne's TED talk explains how sound is affected by room size .  


    This is an architecture blog I created for my Intro to Architecture course I take at Burlington High School. Here you will find various links and websites that I review, critiquing the many ideas and designs other artists have created. You will also find work that I have created and photographed myself. 


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