Our classroom assignment was to create a cardboard room fully made out of cardboard furniture that could be used and withstand normal use. Every group was assigned a different task, which was to create a different type of furniture to add to the room. My group consisted of Alex and Paul. We chose to design a coffee table for the room. Although we thought we had a clear picture of what we wanted to create, many times it wasnt fit to Ms. Chang's liking, our Intro to Architecture teacher. She wanted us to think outside the "cardboard box" and try to design something that was unique and different from your average everyday coffee table. We went through many designs and trial and error. Designs such as honey comb shapes, interlocking shapes, and rounded top, and a regular coffee table with 4 legs. We continued to work, on what we thought would be a relatively quick and easy project, for a little over a month. To tell you the truth this project became more and more tedious and we struggled to find a design that wouldn't bend or break and, of course, one that was unique. In the end we put together interlocking cardboard pieces that would slide together to stand up. Although we thought this would work the pieces would bend and the cardboard was unable to hold it's own weight. Instead, we flipped it on its side and placed a piece of cardboard on the top. Finally we cut the edges of the top piece to fit the edges of the main structure of the table and connected it with tabs. Although this wasn't even close to what we thought we coiu 

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    This is an architecture blog I created for my Intro to Architecture course I take at Burlington High School. Here you will find various links and websites that I review, critiquing the many ideas and designs other artists have created. You will also find work that I have created and photographed myself. 


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