My library will tackle many problems that I feel my current high school library suffers from. This includes echoing, lack of open space, poor book placement, as well as lack of natural light. To solve these problems my library design will have a much more open vibe to it. I will place bookshelves against the walls to open up the center of the room. At the center I will place a service area, where the librarian can monitor the rest of the library and see every corner of the room. Around the service area I will place tables and chairs for students and classes that will use the library for research and books. At the far end of the library there will be a giant window that will let in a lot of natural light. For students there to study or work in groups there will be rounded tables and chairs located in a section adjacent to the window. To tackle the sound issue I will place a glass wall separating the two study areas minimizing sound while also spreading the natural light all the way to the back end of the room. Included near tables and chairs will be pillars and outlets allowing for students to charge their devices. Located to the left and right will be two isolated rooms where the computer labs will be placed. Teachers can reserve this area, or if not used students can sign in to use a computer if they want. On the second floor the layout will be exactly the same, except there will be more area for sitting and less for bookshelves. The second floor is mainly a hangout area/relaxing area. Where the main service area is located on the first instead om the second floor there will be a cafe where coffee and other food/beverages will be sold. Students can eat and talk in tables and chairs located around the center of the room. Where the window and glass wall is is where I will place comfortable chairs and couches for lounging and talking. Located in two rooms to the left and right will be two rooms that teachers can reserve or that can be used for tutoring and extra help. 

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