This project's objectives were to create a room design for a specific musician or band that is customized to their needs. I decided to use The Red Hot Chili Peppers as my musician for my room. They are a band from California who play alternative rock and funk rock. They use guitars, a bass, drums, vocals, and backup vocals. Some of their songs include trumpets, violins, and a chorus. According to the TED talk the room's orientation, size, and space can affect how the sound travels and reverberates. To help The Red Hot Chili Peppers sound the best they can, I will build a room that is relatively small so that the sounds do not echo and bounce around. The majority of their songs have fast quick beats and sounds that would bounce around a large room and sound very poor. A small room will contain the noise and the walls will absorb the sounds causing less echoing, making a live concert sound the best possible.  

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